GRAZ: Kitchen Fresh

An Inspiring Fusion Of Fresh And Simple.

Lunch Offerings

(GC) Grilled Cheese

( C ) Cold

(T) Toasted

(H) Hot (put in the oven)


Roast Beast $8.95 (GC)

Roast Beef, Sharp cheddar, Onions, Herb Spread, Deli Mustard, Roasted tomato, & Lettuce on Ciabatta


Mr. English $8.95 (GC)

Roast Beef, Tavern Ham, Jalapeño Spread, Jalapeños, Swiss, Onions, Kale Slaw  on Sourdough


Rhino $8.95 (GC)

Roast Beef, White Cheddar, Jalapeños, Onions, Deli Must, Agave, Red/Green Cabbage on Rye


Big Phill  $9.75 (GC)

Roast Beef, Mozzarella, Philly Spread, Tomato, Onion, Snake Sauce on Sourdough  




GRAZ: Kitchen Fresh